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Bergen-Passaic SKYWARN Nets
In Conjunction With Tropical Weather Events

Tropical Storm and Hurricane SKYWARN Reporting Criteria

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparation Information

Bergen-Passaic County SKYWARN Nets will be called as necessary, based on local conditions, or when directly requested by the NWS during the time period when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is directly affecting Bergen and/or Passaic Counties. Please only Report items that are in accordance with the NWS Upton NY CWA Tropical Storm and Hurricane Reporting Criteria.

These SKYWARN Nets will take place, similar to the way they are done for Snow and Ice Events, meaning that while the Event is directly affecting the Bergen and/or Passaic County area, SKYWARN Data Collection Nets will occur at regularly scheduled times and will be held to collect Interim Rainfall Totals, Interim High Wind Gusts, Flooding and Storm Damage Reports. Please monitor the Bergen-Passaic County Primary SKYWARN Repeater throughout the event for specific information on the scheduling of these Nets. At the conclusion of the Event, there will be a final Storm Totals Net to collect Total Rainfall, Highest Wind Gust, Lowest Recorded Barometric Pressure and any not previously reported Storm Damage.

Should a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Warning be issued at any time, or should the NWS directly request a Bergen-Passaic SKYWARN Net for any reason, a Bergen-Passaic SKYWARN Net will be called for that Event as it would normally occur for that type of Event. 

All Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotters should prepare for the possible need for Emergency/Backup Power Sources during and after the event and be prepared to operate their Amateur Radio Stations from such backup power sources well in advance of any Tropical Weather event. Everyone is also to be mindful of the most important rule for SKYWARN Reporting and Emergency Communications:

The first rule of severe weather spotting
 and emergency communications is to protect yourself!
Insure your own safety first!
Then and only then, communicate your observation

Hurricane Reporting Information:

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