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NWS Upton, NY Open House July 2001

On July 22, 2001 the NWS Upton, NY Forecast Office, located on the grounds of the Brookhaven National Laboratories, held its Summer Open House. This event was held in conjunction with the Summer Tour Program of the Brookhaven National Laboratories. Group Tours of the NWS Forecast Office were hosted by Staff Meteorologists and in addition to the Tours of the facilities, included were several presentations on Severe Weather as it relates to the greater New York Metropolitan Area. Other highlights of the day were explanations of all the instrumentation and technology used to develop local Forecasts and a live Weather Balloon launch. Below are pictures taken during the day.

National Weather Service Forecast Office - Upton, NY

Forecasters' Workspace

Forecaster Workstations are located in the central room of the facility. Various types of data can be displayed by the Meteorologists for analysis as they prepare local Forecasts and Warnings for dissemination.

Close-up of Forecaster's Workstation

Different types of data are able to be simultaneously displayed on the 3 monitors that make up each workstation. This adds to the efficiency of preparing the Forecasts since the needed data is available at each workstation and not just on various system dedicated monitors located throughout the facility.


NEXRAD Radar Workspace

Both Live and Archival NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar Images are able to be displayed on these dedicated monitors. User Interfaces include a Graphics Tablet, Keyboard and Mouse.

Close-up Of NEXRAD Radar Display

With the introduction of the AWIPS system this data can now be displayed on any or all workstations as well as on these dedicated monitors

The Server Room

The behind the scenes hardware that makes it work

NEXRAD Radar Tower and Dome

High enough to clear the local ground obstructions and able to scan over 100 miles

Close-up of the NEXRAD Radar Dome

Instrument Shelters and Various Satellite Antennas

Temperature and Humidity readings are gathered from this equipment throughout the day. 

The antennas in the background are used to gather data from the GOES Satellite System as well as transmit weather data.

Anemometer Tower

From this Tower, located near the Weather Balloon launch area, Wind Speeds and Direction are continually monitored

Precipitation Gauge

Accurate Rain and Snow accumulations are obtained using this simple device.

Balloon Service Building and NEXRAD Radar Tower

Weather Balloons are launched twice each day (00:00 and 12:00 UTC) at weather stations throughout the globe. They are used to electronically gather data from the upper levels of the atmosphere

The NEXRAD Tower is also visible in background.

A Weather Balloon Being Prepared For Launch

The Balloon is inflated and the instrument package is attached inside the Service Building

Weather Balloon Ready For Launch

When ready, the Balloon and its accompanying instruments are taken outside in preparation for the launch

Weather Balloon Launch

The Weather Balloon Begins Its Flight

Weather Balloon Ascending Trailing the Radiosonde

As the Balloon ascends, the attached Radiosonde will both gather and transmit atmospheric readings back to a receiver at the Upton facility. 

This data will then be forwarded to the National Center for Environmental Prediction in Washington, DC where it will be used with other data simultaneously obtained throughout the US and from countries around the globe. This gives Meteorologists a true single 'snapshot' of the atmosphere

NOAA Weather Radio Workstation

The console used to assemble the synthesized voice broadcasts of Forecasts, Watches and Warnings that we hear 24 hour a day on NOAA Weather Radio

NWS Upton, NY SKYWARN Amateur Radio Station


Located just to the right of the NOAA Weather Radio Workstation and adjacent to the Forecasters' Workspace is the SKYWARN Amateur Radio Station.

Amateur Radio Antenna and Tower

Located just outside of the NWS Forecast Office this tower is topped with an Amateur Radio antenna ready for use in conjunction with the NWS Upton NY SKYWARN Program

While you await the scheduling of the next Open House

 at the NWS in Upton NY, you can take a

 Virtual Tour of the NWS Upton facility

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