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NWS Upton NY Cool Season SKYWARN Activation and Reporting Criteria
When and How To Submit Storm or Storm Related Damage Reports
When and How To Submit Snowfall Accumulation Reports
How To Correctly Measure Snowfall Accumulations
How To Estimate Ice Accretion (Buildup) From Freezing Rain

The first rule of severe weather spotting
 and emergency communications is to protect yourself!
Insure your own safety first!
Then and only then, communicate your observation

Cool Season SKYWARN Activation:

SKYWARN, in the NWS Upton NY CWA, is automatically activated whenever any of the following items are Tone Alerted Over Local NOAA Weather Radio or whenever requested by the on-duty NWS Upton NY Lead Forecaster

Also be aware that SKYWARN will also be automatically activated should any of the Warm Season SKYWARN Activation Criteria items be Tone Alerted on Local NOAA Weather Radio during the Cool Season.

NWS Upton NY Cool Season SKYWARN Reporting Criteria:

Never place yourself in danger
 when reporting Severe Weather!

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